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"I'm such a baby, yeah, the Dolphins make me cry."
- from Hootie and the Blowfish's
"Only Wanna Be With You"

I feel ya, Hootie. We all feel ya. That's why this site is here...so that Dolphins fans can feel each others' pain. Questioning why we drafted that bum? Pissed about that bad call? Sick of seeing a RB draw on 3rd and 10? Tired of helplessly watching the December demise? So are we.

This site features opinionated articles about the Miami Dolphins universe, both on and off the field. We update whenever we have something good to say...which may be seldom, but the heart of this site can be found on our message board, where we chat daily with other Dolphins and non-Dolphins fans about the team, the game, and everything else.

And although we bitch and moan, we're all in this together...

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