Welcome to TDMMC 2.0! What’s New?

News at a Glance

The first change you’ll notice is our redesigned homepage. Aside from aesthetic changes, it’s now larger, to fit most screen resolutions, with much more content and a simplified navigation. Our goal was to make the homepage a place that Dolphins fans would want to visit on a regular basis. Now, you’ll find our latest blog post, plus updated links to Dolphins stories from local newspapers, NFL news from the top national sites, and official news directly from the team, as well as the latest chat from fans on our message boards.

Social Networking Integration

TDMMC is now hooked up with popular social networking platforms, like Twitter and Facebook. By connecting, you’ll get the latest updates from the site and message board, like info on new contests and announcements.

Faster Updates

Our updated content management system means more timely updates. Now, you can expect quick turnaround on the Goat Trailer, as well as more, relevant blog posts from our staff, and the latest insider news and charity notes handed down from the Miami Dolphins directly.

Fan Site Collaboration

The Dolphins Make Me Cry is more than just one website. It’s part of a community of fans from many teams, websites, clubs, and bars across the world. Working together with these many groups, we aim to point you to the best Miami Dolphins content and experiences, whether from radio broadcasts from FinsRadio.net, unique content from our friends at other sites, meeting at away game get-togethers, or finding like-minded fans in your area.

A Few New Surprises

While a lot has changed, the work is not done. TDMMC will continue to evolve and add new features that make us stand out, like the now-infamous Ring of Dishonor and Goat Trailer. Stay tuned!

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